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Things I Learned this past week...

Things I Learned this past week...


It’s been a week since we talked last Wednesday, and it's been far more ups than downs - so I’m going to take that as a good sign!  While we are still able to take and process orders, it should be noted that we are working at a limited capacity and certain flavors may not be available due to resources being a little tight.  But, I'm so grateful for all the orders that we continue to receive and especially the lovely notes of encouragement that you’ve included.  

A quick note:  Since no one is really sure what day it is, I only just realized this weekend is Easter and a lot of people are hoping their orders will reach people in time.  So, we did move our deadline up for this week - we will be shipping on Thursday, so we need your orders submitted by Wednesday at 8:00 PM. 

Last night, I zoomed a baking demo in my kitchen.  I have to be honest: I’m not a fan of this stuff, guys.  I was anxious and worried, but I was happy to raise a little money for the Restaurant Strong Fund.  I was SUPER nervous, until I spotted one of my favorite customers in the crowd - Eleanor from the Great State of Maine.  It definitely made things a little easier.  This week has largely been about fewer surprises and building new routines.  

I had one day that I spent entirely on conference calls and all throughout I had flashbacks from my office cubicle days. At the  end of the day, I had dinner with a friend (we're safe, we've been quarantined together for a couple weeks!) and I just kind of blurted out that I could never go back to that life.  It's not for me, guys.  So, every time we get an order I am reminded that I'm never going back to a cube.  So, thank you. 

I'm finding ways to be social. I had some drinks with friends via zoom on my birthday last week. We had some laughs and it was helpful to me. I've started having my morning coffee when it's hot and just sitting down and enjoying it, instead of throwing it in a to-go mug and hitting the road (or maybe the drive-through). I'm planning on keeping some of these practices once this stay-at-home advisory is lifted. Usually, I wake up and just get into a run and gun mode. And you know what?  I don't want that anymore.  I want to make a cup of coffee and enjoy it.  A few months ago, I was trying forever to meet up with a friend of mine for coffee. Last week, however, it was set up in a matter of two texts - "hey you want to have coffee via Facetime right now?" and "Yes, let me get myself a warmup". And honestly, it was the best.  Another great friend and supporter of Top Shelf reached out and we met up for lunch via Facetime, again someone that we had tried to make our schedules work and it never synched up.  I'm often the one that cancels these coffee/lunch plans - if an opportunity comes up, I usually have to chase it.  But, I’ll tell you - I've enjoyed that part of staying home. 

My heart is also broken, because my new niece Tara is here and not only am I missing out on all that "new baby" time with her, but I'm also wishing I could be with my sister.  My nephew Malcolm is learning how to be a big brother, while not being able to go daycare and hang out with his pals. He's not sure why his Dad is home, but not always available to him.  I miss them so much and my nephew is such a sweet kid and I wish I could just hug him and be there for him.  So, listen up guys - stay home, the experts predict this week we'll see a surge in cases.  No more house parties, no meeting up with friends, no more nonsense, PLEASE.  I can find a way to run Top Shelf and deal with missing out on my niece and nephew for only so long....I will come break up some parties if I have to.  

So again, thank you so much for your support of Top Shelf Cookies. We are so glad we can send you a little comfort in uncomfortable times.  

‘Til next week - stay safe and stay home.

With all the love and gratitude,