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Some Updates....

Some Updates....

It's hard to believe that in March, I hoped that this COVID thing would just be over in a few weeks.  I didn't even know if we could weather that storm for a few weeks.  The first quarter of the year is never easy.  You guys are all on diets, health and/or financial.  We can't really do a lot of events outdoors, the indoor ones are always hit or miss.  So we were already weathering the storm, so to speak.

COVID hit and we put on storefront plans on hold for a bit.  Then, you guys all came and bought so many cookies.  Your notes of encouragement, they got us through, not just financially either.  We decided to unstick our plans in hopes of getting into our storefront by the holidays. We had to reduce our production and ship once a week, most of you have been amazingly understanding, some have been not so much so, and truthfully....some have been downright nasty.  It's fine, we're all going through it and doing our best.  Normal life is a challenge and I don't think anyone that we would be in this spot heading into November, but here we are

Nobody that runs a service business likes living like this.  All I want to do as a job is bake cookies, make people happy.  If that pays my staff and my vendors and leaves enough for me to live my life - I'm a lucky gal.  There is NOTHING about this that I enjoy. I never enjoy telling people NO. I'm working in a situation where my options are limited. I'm working 80+ hours a week to keep this thing going and do to my best to keep people happy and ensure our success after "all this". I don't think I'm pushing a giant rock up a hill, only to have it fall on me.  A number of business owners I know are totally burnt out, working 2-3 times harder for far less return, it's exhausting.  That's why we signed a lease in the middle of a pandemic, so we could have more options. As we drift into the holiday season, practice patience and kindness, not just with us, but with everyone you can.  The worlds a better place that way.

As much as I hoped that we would be in our storefront in time to be baking/shipping cookies 5 days a week, it's looking like a slim possibility.  We will increase our baking and shipping, but I am guessing we might be at capacity for holiday orders sooner than I would like to admit. Trust me, this is a time that we do a ton of business and the idea of leaving anything on the table as we open a new storefront in our quietest time of year isn't appealing to me.   



Bulk Orders are live - if you have 5 or more gifts to send, order them ASAP HERE

We are discounting orders received and paid for by NOVEMBER 6

On November 1st, we are updating our pricing and shipping thresholds.

Our Holiday Offerings will be made live soon, some might be available for preorder.

We will have functionality for you to choose your shipment date soon, we will increase our shipping to twice a week, hoping to make it three times a week, we will keep you posted.

If there is anything else that we can do or any useful feedback you have for us, please send it along. 


Thank you Boston (and beyond) for your amazing support in a pretty unusual time.  I am so grateful to live and work in the City of Boston everyday.  It's not perfect, but it's perfect for us and I'm so grateful to call it home for myself and for Top Shelf Cookies.  

With a grateful heart,


Top Shelf Cookies