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Six Weeks ago, I never would have thought....

Six Weeks ago, I never would have thought....


It’s hard to believe that six weeks ago, I shared my fears with you all about what was to come.  The last few weeks have been some of the hardest I’ve ever worked and definitely the most stressful.  You can never predict this as a possible scenario for your business.  Never. At the moment, I’m paying farmers market fees and submitting applications and I have ZERO earthly idea what those markets will look like.  For smaller neighborhood markets, I think (and hope) we’ll be able to find ways to work and socially distance.  The situation with SoWA remains to be seen, and on top of that, they have been dealing with a giant water main break down that way.


We work out of a shared kitchen, along with over 40 other businesses; We are learning how to make it work in the age of social distancing. Lining up ingredients, staffing and kitchen time has been one of the hardest challenges of this. We are also working hard to offer more flavors. It’s just been a little bit of a balancing act.


As small business owners, we are used to adapting and changing on the fly. Take a look at your neighborhood. You’ll see people doing all kinds of creative things to keep people working, keep people entertained, and keep people fed.  These businesses are largely only getting support from their communities and their neighbors.  That’s been on my mind a lot this past few weeks.  Again, kindness spreads, not unlike a virus.  Here’s a good example: Caught in Southie featured us on their Social Distancing Home Shopping network a few weeks back. Next thing you know, we have a ton of orders going to Southie.  Chatting up one of the customers, she told me she owns the Seapoint Bar & Grill.  I’ve always heard the place is “right up my alley” but hadn’t found the time to go in.  Why was that?  I make a delivery to American Provisions in Southie every Friday, so I’m right there. So, we ordered takeout and it was delicious.  This is just one example of many that I have.  The amount of people that want to support us and also thank our front-line workers makes my heart explode with joy. A couple weeks ago, there were a lot of tough gift cards to write to include with our cookies (and I hand write every one of them, usually with a gold sharpie if I can) This week, it’s a lot more “Thanks for taking care of my mom” and a LOT of packages going to hospital staff.  That kind of thing is a win-win.  Helping a small business in your neighborhood and thanking our hospital staff for their hard work and personal sacrifice.  I guess what I’m saying is, we have more power to help ourselves through this situation than we all probably realize. 


With all that said, I’ll keep in short this week, folks.  Thank you so much for your continued support of the little cookie company that could.  We are so grateful.  We will continue to take your orders and ship Fridays for orders received by 8 PM on Thursday. Please bear with us while we figure out the new setup at the kitchen and keep dealing with any other curveballs thrown our way.


With much love & gratitude-

Stay Safe Boston (and beyond)