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Operating Going Forward ....for now....

Operating Going Forward ....for now....


Based on my blog history, it seems that Wednesdays have been a good day to reach out to you all.

With the stay-at-home advisory in place and the division between essential and non-essential businesses being determined, we figured it was time for an update. 

First and foremost, thank you so much for your support.  The sheer volume of our online sales has been amazing.  You may have thought your $30 order didn’t make a much of a difference, but when you add all of them together – they made a huge difference for us. I’ll tell you more about this in a little bit. 

In terms of how we plan to operate going forward – potentially for the next two weeks, we’ll see how it goes – we do qualify as an essential business.  We provide stores with product, so we are in operation – but we need to function in a little different way.  We are going to continue to take orders, but I’ll be processing them collectively at the end of the week.  I’m trying to limit the time I’m out and about; I actually have respiratory issues and I need to manage my personal health in addition to my business health.  When we get our orders together for our stores, we’ll also get our orders together for online purchases.  I’ve been going crazy trying to meet the demand, and it’s a challenge given that we don’t have our normal amount of hands-on help to clear the orders. Plus, there are other areas that I need to focus on to make sure we make it through this mess.  Also, I’m fortunate to have Megan working remotely on some back office related items, and thanks to your online orders I am able to get that help from her.  We have some good stuff lined up for the rest of the year and provided that we get past the COVID-19 situation and we don’t lose out on those events, we need to be ready to go. 

So that’s the plan. 

The reality of the situation is that we lost 80% of our business (events & wholesale) in a mere six hour window; Online sales typically represent 20% of our total business.  Right now it’s 100% of our business and I’m eternally grateful that we have that outlet to provide you all with cookies.  I can’t really explain to you guys the range of emotions that I’ve felt in the last 14 days.  I am terrified of losing everything I’ve worked so hard to build over the last five years, I’m worried about supporting my staff, and I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) by the number of the orders. But I am truly uplifted by all of the kindness and generosity. 

A longtime customer of ours sent me a screenshot of a Facebook post from someone talking about buying a lot of cookies online in a panic. The comments to the post were full of people mentioning that loved us and the poster declared she would do everything she could to keep us in business.  The person that sent it to me wanted me to know that the TSC army was behind me.

We aren’t curing cancer; we just like to make really good cookies.  I’m proud of that and I’m so grateful that our customers are pretty awesome.  We’ve had a lot of first-time customers in the last couple weeks. I hope we did our best to give them a great experience, because I know a lot of them came to us because you, our longtime customers put in a good word for us.  I am beyond grateful to you guys.  I’m not really sure what I would do for a job if I wasn’t making cookies for you folks, it’s kind of my dream job. 

So, thank you for being patient, thank you for having our back, thank you for your orders.  Thank you for everything

Let’s see how the next couple weeks go.  Stay home and we’ll get you cookies delivered to your door.  If you want a calorie free option, we not only have gift cards, but we just released new shirts online as well.  I guarantee you, if you wear one of these and I see you…rest assured you’ll be getting a big hug from me (once hugs are back in style).

With all my love and gratitude-


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