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One Boston Day...

One Boston Day...

To wake up on April 15th this year and not have something planned for Top Shelf Cookies is kind of heartbreaking to me.  In the past we’ve made donations to Team MR8, and we’ve sent surprise cookies to neighbors, some of whom have bought them to give to first responders.  Today, I’m just trying to navigate how we can make cookies.  I feel so back to square one and I hate it.  Yesterday, at the last minute, my staffing fell through. The previous day, I was trying to coordinate ingredients and suppliers.  I’m in a total funk, guys.  I normally feel so uplifted by the kindness my community shows (trust me, I haven’t lost faith) and I’ve been thrilled to contribute in any way I possibly can.  But I can’t shake the fact that we should be prepping for our marathon orders and events right now. 

At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to think bigger.  I love farmers markets, but they can be unpredictable. And getting traction in stores for us is difficult - we have to have the right partners.  So, I looked at what else we could do. We have always been able to do fun stuff surrounding the marathon: We make a marathon-inspired cookie with Sam Adams 26.2 Brew. We do events at their Taproom. And just last year we put together the 617 packs (don’t worry, they’ll be back). We are providing cookies for the post marathon party at Fenway Park.  It’s like a dream come true.

So, this year we went to local hotels and pitched our brand to partner with them. Plus, we did a cool redesign on the 617 boxes.

The Marathon is postponed. Despite the delay, we’ll reclaim a lot of that business, which is great.  I believe if we have some semblance of normal - it has the potential to be the biggest party this city has ever seen. 

Beyond that, we lobbied hard to get into the Boston Calling food lineup and I’m sad it’s not happening. It’s my hope we can get into the lineup when it returns. 

I wish I could tell you I’m sitting home watching a bunch of Netflix, but I’m not.  I’m hustling every day to coordinate staffing and manage supply chain issues and kitchen availability.  In that, I basically forgot Easter. We had some cute Easter plans that I promise we’ll pull off next year. If you remember the mini egg cookie we did for the Game of Thrones finale last spring, we will be bringing that back and creating some fun gift sets. 

So I’m feeling a little blah today my friends.  I haven’t lost faith in Boston, not for one minute.  When I was talking to someone recently about how “all this” was affecting Top Shelf Cookies she listened like a wonderful friend and when I told her the online sales were keeping our head above water she said “Thank God”.

I wasn’t raised in religion, so I’m not sure any God is worried about a smart aleck cookie company from Boston.  But I have faith in Boston and its people, and it’s only gotten stronger in these last few weeks.

I hope we can all find our ways to be good neighbors today and honor Boston’s strength, resilience and character. And I’m guessing this year it means staying home and stopping spreading this disease, giving our frontline workers a chance to fight it as best they can. 

We are off to the kitchen to bake today and I am planning to drop off cookies to the grocery store workers. If nothing else, that will serve as our contribution to the spirit of this day.

With a grateful heart