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March 2020 COTM: Short & Stout

March 2020 COTM: Short & Stout

When I first started tinkering around in the kitchen and experimenting after creating the recipe for Black & Gold, the next cookie I kind of tackled was the Guinness cookie.  It had some different iterations:  at one point it was a thumbprint cookie with Bailey's cream cheese frosting.  As I went along and learned about packaging and food safety the Guinness cookie got shelved for a while. 

It eventually made its way off the shelf and we kept the same great dough base and added white chocolate chips to kind of symbolize the head of a perfectly poured pint. 

Obviously with March being the home of St. Patrick’s Day it seems like the Short & Stout would be a good fit for CoTM.  It was our CoTM for the first March that we offered it as well. 

In fact, the Short & Stout was the first cookie in our cookie arsenal that we crowdsourced the name.  We do have fun coming up with names in our home office which is my apartment in Dorchester and more specifically my dining room table.  But, every once in a while I like to send it out to the people. 

Like all of our chocolate based cookies (which we have a lot), this uses a cocoa blend.  We use three types of cocoa: Dutch process, natural and black.  We reduce down the Guinness to really concentrate the flavor.  We accent it with a nice white chocolate chip and you’ve got yourself a tasty Short & Stout.