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June 2020 COTM: Green Dynastea

June 2020 COTM: Green Dynastea

We've not really updated our Cookie of The Month blog throughout COVID19, but we're trying to get back into some habits. So, thanks for following our blog, for those of you that are new to Top Shelf Cookies - thank you!  So, we have a cookie of the month subscription and it's a pretty popular item for folks that like to try new things.  This month's cookie falls into that category: Green Dynastea.  It's our green tea and ginger cookie.  We start with a soft sugar cookie base, add some lemon juice and bloomed matcha powder and mix in some of the candied ginger we really like to use.  If you like the ginger pieces in our Ginger Chews cookie - this is the same element. 

This is one of those cookies that we knew we wanted a theme before the cookie.  Most of the time, we find a cool ingredient we want to use and then we kind of build off that.  In this case, we were on the hunt for a Celtics inspired cookie.  We started the company with a Bruins inspired cookie : Black & Gold. The next one was easy, I found some green mint chips and I knew I wanted to make a better version of a girl scout cookie and the name Green Monster Mint made sense, eventually we came up with the name GOATmeal for our New England fruit cookie (we might need to change it) but we were at a loss as to what would make a good Celtics cookie.  It is a team that is so closely aligned with it's team color.  We started off by looking for what other cookies might traditionally be green.  It was gross, most of them had TONS of food coloring, which is not what we do.  I wanted to make a green cookie, but I wanted it to be green or have green elements.  We were stumped for a bit.  It's so much easier to make a cookie first and then name it (and I always like to find a way to weave in a Boston reference) I'm only human.  But, I didn't want to leave the Celtics and their storied history out of our line up.  We really had a hard time with this one.  But, then I had a green tea and ginger ice cream and was floored by how much I enjoyed it and I thought...wait, we can make this a cookie AND use another ingredient that we love in the candied ginger. I love when this happens.  This was a tough one.  Similar to our now retired Pink Lemonade, when we are trying to achieve a natural color from the ingredients as opposed to food coloring...it's a lot of trial and error.  But, eventually we got there. 

We recently switched to a new matcha powder and I like it a lot better and from our matcha fanatics, we have heard they like the ingredient change.  It's definitely different than your traditional chocolate chip, but when we put together Cookie of The Month, that's what we wanted - the chance to share new flavors with folks.  We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.  We are hoping soon to be able to share some brand new flavors to the site since we've been able to get a little more baking time in the kitchen and Heather's been tinkering with some ideas and recipes at home.  Stay tuned.