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Everything Happens for a Reason....or does it?

Everything Happens for a Reason....or does it?



Everyone says this all the time, hell I've said it.  But, I always feel like it's a copout.  It's like what you say to make people feel better when things don't work out or when things all the suddenly fall into place.  Again, I've done it.  I've tried to make people feel better. Three times we've tried for our own space and it hasn't worked out.  Each time, it hurt worse.  For each of the spaces, looking back, I don't know that Top Shelf Cookies would still be here.  At the beginning of 2020 (about 173 year ago) I whiteboarded my goals for Top Shelf and the number one goal was to find our own space.  As I have said in the space many times, we started off the year thinking a lot bigger. We had a lot planned around the Boston Marathon, we were set up for Boston Calling.   Coronavirus had other plans for us, but we got help from a lot of friends and partners to steady the ship.  Our customers (you guys!) came out and supported us so much.  I remember thinking on March 11th ( the day we looked at spaces, while also losing 80% of our expected revenue for the next two months) , we're not going to make it and thinking, we had a good run. Never in a million years,  would I have thought we would be bringing hundreds of boxes to the post office every week.  Never in a million years, would I have thought big companies would call us to send care packages to their WFH employees.  People wanted to support us and send cookies to frontline workers.  Every night I went to bed feeling like I felt so lucky to live here and be part of a community that picks it's neighbors up.  

So, we hit a point where we knew we would have to act quickly to sign a lease, build out a space and have a successful holiday season (we do about 35% of our business for the year in November & December) so we called about the space we looked at in March.  I was glad to hear it was available and I was glad we didn't take a space that was lost to COVID.  

Yesterday we met our landlords for the first time and I instantly connected with them and today I'm proud to tell you all that we signed a lease at 516 Gallivan Blvd, the former site of Windy City Pizza in Adams Village.  The existing infrastructure means (in theory) we should have an easier build out and be open in time for the holidays.  We don't know what social distancing or living in pandemic times will be at that point, however when it's time we'll be SO excited to offer you guys FRESH BAKED COOKIES!!  We'll be able to get a lot more creative. We'll have ice cream sandwiches, we'll have cookie frappes (which you can check out on our IG) we'll have a flavored milk bar from a local dairy.  While, I've tried not to be in the business of saying no, we sometimes have to - like I can't deliver 30 cookies to the Seaport - but now we'll be able to partner with delivery services to do that stuff.  We'll be able to offer Fluffernutters regularly - not just wait for Fluff Festival. 

I couldn't be MORE thrilled to be staying in Boston and specifically in Dorchester, we think Adams Village is a natural fit for us and we hope Adams Village agrees with us. 

Maybe, everything does happen for a reason, or maybe it's just hard work and having Boston as a hometown. I don't even care anymore, we are getting our storefront!

With my most grateful heart,



PS, I would be a dummy not to remind you that you can invest in Top Shelf Cookies - sometimes referred to "The Little Cookie Company that Could"   For timings sake, we launched the campaign prior to the lease being finalized because we have to pull together everything on a tight timeline to ensure our success. If you have already invested, you are able to adjust your investment if you would like.  If you would like to invest, click below!  If things are tight and you are unable to invest, we would love you to spread the word and share the link to our campaign.  Thank you for your consideration. 


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