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Boston, you never surprise me, but you often amaze me

Boston, you never surprise me, but you often amaze me

It’s Wednesday, which seems to be a good check in day.

Yesterday was tough, one of the first emails I received was the cancellation of Boston Calling.  When this started, I was hopeful that we would be able to weather the storm and hit this big event and catch up and have good weekend being around Boston.  Seeing people, doing what we do best.  This was a bit of a blow. 

Then I spent the better portion of the day in conference calls and meetings where I didn’t feel like a lot was getting accomplished.  I was suffering from flashbacks of my office life and I realized – I can’t go back to that life.  This is the best job I’ve ever had, it’s the hardest – but honestly it’s still the best job I’ve ever had. Then, like a ton of bricks “stay at home” through May 4th.  We have lost both remaining dates of the Brighton Farmers Market, we weren’t able to get ourselves ready for the virtual market for Braintree this weekend (sorry Braintree, we love you!) We also lost another date a roller derby.  We are not social distancers, this is hard for us and it’s scary as a business owner. 

Like all small business, we have had to make some changes on the fly.  We lost 80% of our business for March in six hours, but thanks to all of your online orders, we are still able to keep afloat – thanks to you guys we have been able to keep Megan on payroll, which is important to me.  We aren’t built for this many online sales, so we had to adjust.  It’s just a different.  We have to source more packaging, boxes etc.  This (along with trying to reduce our time outside the house) is why we moved to a once a week shipping schedule.  We appreciate your support & understanding while we move forward with this. 

 I love making cookies in the City of Boston, for the people of Boston – and beyond – especially “displaced Massholes” (I got a few orders from Ohio and the guy told me that he was happy I was still making cookies, especially for displaced Massholes like him – shout out to Michael – he’s working for the CDC right now.)  Over the last few weeks, I have had the most amazing interactions with so many of you, some of you long time fans of Top Shelf Cookies, but a lot of you first time visitors to Top Shelf Cookies.  Last week, Caught in Southie featured us In their Social Distancing Home Shopping Network and I got a message from a woman, she and her friends had seen us featured and decided to pool some cash and they asked me to deliver some cookies to a couple police stations.  They wanted to support us, while also thanking our first responders.

For me, to drop cookies off to our police last week (even from a safe, drop the package and back away distance) it made me feel proud of where I live and happy to live in a community that cares like it does.  Terrible situations are terrible, you can control how you react to it.  Everyday feels tough, but when I get orders from you guys and notes of support or social posts with your packages, I’m reminded why I have the best job I’ve ever had. 

Boston: I’m never surprised by your kindness, but I’m always amazed by it

Let’s hope the next week brings some better news, if we have to be in this mess – I’m SO grateful to be in it with all of you.

With a grateful heart-