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August 2020 COTM: Apple Crisp

August 2020 COTM: Apple Crisp


August is the hardest flavor to pick every year, because August weather is so unpredictable heatwise.  We wanted something that would stand up and have a lot of structure, so we went with Apple Crisp.  This is one of those flavors that people liked, but never really heard people looking for it, so we kind of didn't make it again.  Working in COVID times, we are looking at what we have packaging for to help drive what we are making to minimize expenses right now (between July/August being a bit slower in normal times + COVID + plus our upcoming big move) every penny counts!  So, we made Apple Crisp last month and people went bananas for it.  I've always liked it, but it had never gotten this much attention before.  My cousin Mo posted a picture of it as an ice cream sandwich and people went crazy for it.  I'm glad, it's a good cookie!  It's also a good example of how we do things.  Our pumpkin beer cookies and this one are actually egg free.  We don't actually set out to make an egg free cookie, we set out to make the cookie we want and then if it fits a dietary concern - that's just a bonus.  We really try to come up with either an ingredient or a flavor that really inspires us and then make it a Top Shelf Cookie.  We like our cookies to be a little more soft baked and chewy, not so cakey.  So, with the pumpkin and applesauce - they are great binders and can replace the egg for structure in a cookie.  Fun baking tip for you there.

Anyway, this cookie started with a request from Jennifer Glanville at Sam Adams, she rarely asks me for anything, but she wanted to know if I would consider making something with Angry Orchard cider (which is under the Boston Beer brand) and honestly, I can't say no to Glanny - she's done amazing things for us.  I used to make an applesauce cookie when I was a kid and I loved the flavor of it, but I hated the consistency of it.  I decided that I would use my pumpkin trick on it and I ended up finding it was what I wanted out of the cookie.  I thought if we added some oats it would be similar to an apple crisp dessert, which I'm a sucker for those fall flavors (I know, it's August - I already explained myself guys!  It's unprecedented times - I can send Apple Crisp in August.)

So we made the cookie and it was well received, but when it went off the rotation - nobody was really asking about it, so we kept putting things into the lineup that people asked for.  I'm really glad we were able to bring it back and it has been really well received this time around. I expect we'll see if through the fall as well.

Thank you for reading and we're looking forward to setting you. up with our signature flavor for our sixth birthday in September: Black & Gold. 

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